Security vs Usability

There’s nothing more enjoyable than not having to carry much around when shopping or strolling down the high street…

There’s nothing more enjoyable than not having to carry much around when shopping or strolling down the high street. Currently I have to take my purse with me when I leave my flat because I know at some point I’ll stroll into Whole Foods or one of my other favourite shops and most likely pay by card, maybe on the odd day even cash. I am a woman of convenience, and even though I like to carry a bag filled with other absolute essentials for womankind, I would like to have room for these. So not having to add another heavy object to my bag would be great. Why can’t I have it all stored on my phone? Is that secure? Well I sure hope so. It definitely would be convenient. So can I access my money securely and also conveniently? Can I have it both ways?

These and other questions will be debated by a panel at The Digital Banking Club Live Debate on Oct 2nd at The Law Society in London on the topic ‘Today’s digital banking security is outmoded and offers a poor customer experience!’

As usual our host Douglas Blakey, Editor of the Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric will lead the panel of digital banking security experts; Tarika Dhingra, a Digital Security and Authentication expert from RBS Group, Bruce McKee, Financial Services Industry Lead from Microsoft, Roy Vella, digital expert from Vella Ventures and our own CTO, Clayton Locke. We are also in discussions with a few other security experts and will update you in due course.

These panellists will no doubt be debating on whether the issue of protecting customers is getting easier or harder; how consumer perceptions around security might be impacting customer adoption of online & mobile banking services; is there a balance between security and usability and what exactly do customers want; what role can technology play in this and who is most responsible for a customer’s online security – the customer or their bank.

Join us for this debate but please note they have become quite popular over the past two years so please do register to secure your spot. If you aren’t a member of The Club yet, please register as a member first then follow the steps to register your interest for the October Live Debate. See you on October 2nd at 08:00am.