PFM: the new weapon to manage my money!

Being an avid planner you can imagine my excitement when I found out about a new function that lets people stay on top of their money: PFM.

My next holiday, a new car, Christmas parties, a new house, my boyfriend’s birthday, my best friend’s wedding… OMG my life is full of expenses!

Being an avid planner since I was a child (saving money to buy the latest Barbie, Polly Pocket or fantastic play dough), I have always been searching for a tool that would help me manage my money easily. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out about a new function that lets people stay on top of their money: PFM.

But, what exactly is PFM?

It stands for Personal Finance Management and is a new tool that allows customers to budget and plan their debt repayment.  They can set up savings goals divided into categories like “Wedding”, “Christmas” or “Holiday”, giving themselves a target amount and a target date.

I think this app is absolutely amazing! I love to plan my life and my expenses, and with this tool I can be sure I am not going to waste my money.  It’s fantastic to be able to tailor a finance app to my specific needs! Considering the economic crisis we are in, we know how difficult it is becoming to manage our money, and so we understand how important it is to save money in an effective way and for the right goals.

The PFM tool tells us how much we are spending every day, what we are spending it on and what we should avoid running out of funds.

I can now use this tool for my own goals. I am, in fact, going to organize my next holiday (Vancouver, here I come!) and this app is exactly what I need to make it there.

From now on I will have everything planned for my future: do I want a new car? Ok, let’s start saving. Do I want to buy a house? Well, that seems quite far of, but at some point I will need to begin putting something aside. And what about for rainy days? No problem, I will have a solution for those too. I will be ready for the good and the bad times.

On top of all this, it’s a breeze to use, with a personalized and simple view: I can monitor my progress with easy-to-read graphics and diagrams, I’m encouraged to stick to my plans and I can get a reward when I reach my goals.

I can easily stay in control of my finances and keep up with monthly repayments hassle-free. And this is absolutely indispensable!

And, for those of you who remember the story, as the ant said to the grasshopper: we must learn to plan ahead and manage what we have.