Dinner, cocktails and fraud

Going out for a dinner date is nerve racking enough, but it's made all the harder when you're wined and dined by a fraudster.

#debitcardfraud #digitalbankingsecurity

I had known this guy at college but we had lost touch until we reconnected on social media. Our relationship developed over the course of a few months. One evening we went out for a meal and I remember him asking if I wanted to leave my purse in his car, which I thought was odd but I put it down to nerves at the time. We had cocktails and dinner and when the bill arrived he got up and disappeared into another part of the restaurant to settle it. I thought that was a bit strange but it wasn’t long until he came back to the table and we left.

Next day, while checking my online banking, I noticed a charge that I didn’t recognize in the restaurant’s name. I contacted the restaurant and asked for an explanation. The manager’s response was “Honey, he has stolen from you.” I was shocked, I felt violated until the anger took over my emotions. I remember trying to get hold of my ‘friend’ but he didn’t pick up. When he did eventually pick up, days later, he was nonchalant and suggested that it must have been some sort of a mix up and that I check with my bank.

I did contact my bank, who were excellent and refunded the money but I also contacted the police! The facts were that he had used my card to pay for our dinner. This was a tough lesson to learn and not a mistake I will ever make again. However I still ask myself the following questions. Could my bank have done more to protect me, was it their responsibility? Or was this solely my responsibility?

Who is most responsible for a customer’s digital security – the customer or their bank? This is one of the areas for discussion at The Digital Banking Club’s forthcoming Live Debate being held on the 2nd October at The Law Society in London. The topic for this debate is ‘Today’s digital banking security is outmoded and offers a poor customer experience!’

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