A magic bullet?

NCR’s Kalpana solution has been described as a ‘magic bullet’ for the ATM industry which is a fairly bold claim.

It may just be deserved. As a veteran attendee of ATM trade shows, Wincor Worlds, branch transformation conferences, ATMIA events and the like, it takes a fair bit for the writer to become excited about a new iteration of the ATM.

Kalpana is an enterprise software platform that moves ATM software and operations to the cloud.

By running ATMs remotely, initially through a thin-client ATM including an Android operating system, it is designed to eliminate malware, enable rapid deployment of new devices and ATM services and this is the part that should interest CIOs and finance directors: reduce costs by up to 40%.

NCR gives as an example a bank running a network of 100 ATMs,-  Kalpana software could reduce the total cost of ownership by $540,000 to $800,000 a year.

Having no Microsoft licence fees to pay certainly is a contributing factor.

I am obliged to NCR for a peek preview and an excellent demonstration of Kalpana – it will now be fascinating to track its success in the market.