It’s time for a new perspective on financial risk

Risk 2015? It’s time for a new perspective.

At the Risk Rebooted conference we are challenging our expert speakers to push the debate to its limits. From regulation and conduct risk, to the impact of blockchain and cyberfinance we put the latest thinking to the test in the pursuit of new opportunities and better solutions for risk professionals and the financial sector at large.


Take another look

Take regulation.  At first glance there is no end in sight, but we are seeing hints of change, with a possible reprieve for progressive institutions. At the same time, the fundamental review of the trading book challenges banks to live with even higher capital requirements. With banks under the spotlight from the Basel Committee, we debate how institutions can manage and limit their exposure in the light of these new rules.


Survival and success in the new risk landscape

There is another question for banks to consider. The tectonic plates of finance are shifting as competition increases from non-traditional players and new technologies make inroads into the industry. We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of technologies including blockchain and digital currencies. In our view, these breakthroughs will become just as embedded in financial services as the internet is today.


The route to innovation

In this second part of the Risk Rebooted conference, we examine how financial services have the opportunity to lead the way in much the same way that sectors such as retail blazed a trail during the internet revolution. Markets, from private individuals to corporations are crying out for genuinely innovative services that can help them flourish in today’s deeply connected, digital world. Banks are well placed to serve them, if they take the right steps.

On a more practical level, our speakers explore how innovation can help institutions break free from regulatory paralysis and return not just to profit, but significantly improved return on equity. We’ll also examine the growing risk of cybercrime, as a manifestation of individual dissent as well as state-sponsored disruption.


Don’t miss out

We hope you will take the opportunity to join the debate shaping the risk landscape with our high-profile line up of risk experts. This is a great chance to meet the leading lights in conduct, reputational and regulatory risk, as well as entrepreneurs and visionaries discussing the impact of digital currencies, blockchain, cybersecurity and others. 

Spaces are limited so you are advised to register now. We look forward to seeing you there!