Objectway rolls out new digital wealth experience platform

Objectway, a provider of software and services to EMEA investment management, has launched Conectus, its new digital wealth platforform

John Schaffer speaks to Peter Schramme, chief business development officer at Objectway, to find out more

Objectway, a provider of software and services to the EMEA investment management industry, has launched Conectus, its new digital wealth platform.

Conectus is a digitally enabled user experience and collaboration platform designed specifically for wealth and investment management firms. It provides a portal focused on front-end user interaction, with the aim of enhancing the user experience.

With Conectus, firms can tailor their online services to a range of investor styles-from self-directed to hybrid to full discretionary.

Objectway chief product officer, Alberto Cuccu, said: “Conectus is a direct response to the challenge that investment firms face to attract and retain clients in an increasingly digital market. Conectus allows firms to appeal to today’s digital investors, who want online services that improve the user experience, reduce costs, and allow them to engage and collaborate with advisors on their own terms.”

Peter Schramme, chief business development officer at Objectway, spoke to PBI about Objectway’s business model, where all of the company’s technology propositions where modular, prompting a “loosely coupled” strategy.

Schramme feels that a loosely coupled architectural approach is essential for technology innovations in the future, avoiding some of the inherent issues that have arisen out of legacy systems:

“If you build an architecture that is composed of great performing operationally excellent engines in the back, combined with a loosely coupled channel proposition that can implement a resilient and digitally empowered engagement for investors – that is absolutely the architectural aim towards the future.”

Conectus is available in four different experience versions:

  • Communications & Reporting Experience – providing an integrated view of client investments, enabling better informed interactions between the client and firm.
  • Hybrid Advisory Experience – supports using a digital channel in conjunction with an advisor
  • Self-Directed Investor Experience – aimed at self directed investors, this service adds incremental self-service transaction functionality to the Client Communications & Reporting experience.
  • Prospect & Client Engagement Experience – implements prospect engagement, client onboarding, investor self-profiling of risk and investment attitude, and client-advisor collaboration scenarios

Key features of Conectus include:

-Personalised user experience with navigation of customisable pages, search, collaboration and context-awareness powered by big data analytics.

-Client-advisor collaboration supported by video chat, document sharing, comment exchange, and co-browsing tools.

-Adaptive HTML-5 user interface with widgets that automate key activities.

-Omni-channel and omni-device support enabling a white-labeled and differentiated experience on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Conectus was first introduced in April 2015 as a module within Objectway’s Wealth in One solution and is now available to the market as a stand-alone channel proposition.