Leaked document reveals Apple's order for 90 million new iPhones

Apple thinks it’s going to sell 90 million new handsets, according to yet another leaked document published in the Wall Street Journal.

If you believe the hype, which most of us do, the tech giant is asking for 90 million iPhone units to be manufactured and ready for worldwide consumption by 31 December 2015.

There are two models to choose from: an upgrade to the iPhone 6, and a Plus version.  

An approximate 90 million new iPhone sales offering subtle differences from that of its predecessor may seem presumptuous. It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that last year’s then-record breaking sales (70 million) for the iPhone 6 surpassed expectations.

Prepare to be shocked

Apple’s earnings in the last quarter of 2014 hit $74.6 billion instead of the predicted $66.5 billion.

In fact, if Apple’s 90 million new handsets are snapped up, the new model will earn the title ‘best-selling phone in history’.

It still seems like an awful lot of iPhones, though. Technically speaking, if Apple hits its 90 million target there will be more new iPhones than the combined populations of Cuba, Portugal, Zambia, Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Tunisia.

The aforementioned analysis only takes into account Apple’s first run of the new mdoel, with total sales bound to reaching an astronomically wide market.  

So what makes Apple’s new model so great?

The leaked photographs show two iPhone skeletons, one with a 4.7-inch display and the other a 5.5-inch display. There have also been rumours of weight gain, as an increase of 0.2mm in diameter ia thought to space the new iPhone’s faster dual-processor. 

However the new iPhones are thought to own the same size screen as the iPhone 6, which was released in September 2014.

Apple’s foray into the larger screen smartphone market has clearly gone down a treat. Screen size used to differentiate iPhones from main rival Samsung, yet it now seems the extra display space will benefit adapters of Apple Pay and Force Touch.  

Touch and tap are mainstays of the cashless society, who will soon use their new iPhone, existing  iPhone 66S or Plus, Apple Watch, and

The internet is aghast with rumours and spills, some sites claim that a 2K resolution will find itself on the face of S6. However, how will Apple deal with the battery drain this will undoubtedly, and relentlessly, incur?

It’s also been reported, mainly by the Wall Street Journal, that iPhone s6 and Plus will offer a slightly different colour scheme: chrome, gold, grey and another chrome variant.

So for dedicated Apple fans, the new models offer a modest but stealthy difference. Faster, cleaner and with the widely anticipated Apple Pay, mobile technology has never sounded so good.