Samsung Pay takes a swipe at Apple

Samsung Pay takes a swipe at Apple Pay at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

At the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards, Samsung showed off its payment application in a new advert, taking a cheeky dig at Apple on the way.

The advert shows multiple users using Samsung Pay, with Visa, Citi and American Express logos on smartphones as customers pay for items. Midway through the advert, the music stops as a customer tries to use Apple Pay, fails, and is quickly rejected by the cashier.

The advert ends with a claim that their new solution is #the most accepted mobile payment’. This is true with over 30 million locations accepting Samsung Pay, all of which are in South Korea. This number is set to rise after its launch in the US on September 28th.

In comparison, Apple Pay is set to be accepted by only 1.5 million locations by the end of 2015. Android Pay is only accepted in one million stores across the US.

Samsung Pay looks like it will continue to be the most accepted mobile payment solution thanks to one key feature: Magnetic Secure Transmission or MST. This allows the phone to be used like a swipe card. Retailers don’t need to be NFC-enabled as they do with Apple Pay or Android Pay.

However, both Apple and Android will have had head starts in the market, Apple having launched over a year ago in the States.