The majority of Europe is ready for biometrics

Two-thirds (68%) of European consumers now want to use biometrics as a method of payment authentication.

The majority of Europe is ready for biometrics

According to research from Visa, three-quarters (73%) of respondents also consider biometrics, as a part of two-factor authentication, a secure way to confirm an account holder.

This should be a pleasing find for online retailers as 31% of people have abandoned a browser-based purchase because of the payment security process.

Fingerprint scanning seemed to be the most favourable method as 53% expressed a preference for fingerprint over other forms of biometric authentication when using it for payment.

On the other hand, only 15% would use ‘selfies’ to make payments and only 12% would use voice recognition for authentication. In the UK, these figures fall to 8% and 12%, respectively, for voice or facial recognition as payment forms.

Jonathan Vaux, executive director of innovation partnerships at Visa, said: “Biometric identification and verification has created a great deal of excitement in the payments space because it offers an opportunity to streamline and prove the customer experience. Our research shows that biometrics is increasingly recognised as a trusted form of authentication as people become more familiar with using these capabilities on their devices.

“However, one of the challenges for biometrics is scenarios in which it is the only form of authentication. It could result in a false positive or false negative because, unlike a PIN which is entered either correctly or incorrectly, biometrics is not a binary measurement but is based on the probability of a match.”


Where would consumers use biometrics?

  • 48% want to use biometric authentication for payments when on public transport
  • 47% want to use biometric authentication when paying at a bar or restaurant
  • 46% want to use it to purchase goods and services on the high street e.g. groceries, coffee and at fast food outlets.
  • 40% want to use it when shopping online
  • 39% when downloading content