4 months of using Apple Pay

How does Apple’s payments system hold up over longer periods?

Just before the Christmas rush, my debit card stopped working properly and I decided to load my card onto my phone and try Apple Pay.

My initial experiences were very positive. Here are three pros and three cons after four months of use:


Pro: I barely have to use my wallet

I often leave the house without my wallet as I find Apple Pay to be far more convenient. It beats fumbling around to try and find your debit card or pick out change.


Con: I forget my wallet when I need it

Unfortunately you can’t store a passport or a driver’s licence on an iPhone. I’ve been caught out once or twice by being cavalier about going wallet-less.


Pro: It’s very user friendly

As per Apple’s usual UX standards, Apple Pay is very easy to use. I’ve never found myself in a position of confusion.


Con: It’s not great in the rain

The iPhone touch ID is effectively useless if your hands are wet. This is a bit of a problem living in the UK.


Pro: It still has a novelty factor

People still seem to be astounded that you are using your phone to pay (even, bizarrely, in London). This could be seen as either a positive or a negative depending on which way you look at it!


Con: It can be slow on Oyster terminals

I’ve found the speed of Apple Pay has slowed down slightly after four months of use (although not drastically). The short delay can be a little awkward when using it on public transport, especially during rush hour in London.