A stroke of Jenius?

Indonesia-headquartered BTPN Bank has decided to bring its branches into the modern age.

A stroke of Jenius?

The result is the Jenius Mobius Hub in Jakarta, specifically designed to be a physical manifestation of BTPN’s mobile banking channel.

The Mobius hub is a physical extension of the Jenius mobile app. Basically, a pop-up concept which behaves as a marketing tool for acquisition, awareness, education, and sector disruption.

Jerry Ng, president director of BTPN, said: “Our research shows that digitally savvy people want a banking experience that is simple, smart, and safe, whereby everything can be done via a smartphone. As a bank which has a vision of making a difference in the lives of millions of people throughout Indonesia, BTPN has answered these demands through Jenius.”

The Mobius hub is designed to be a temporary structure that can be dropped into any environment and moved across the country to promote the Jenius service. There will also be two permanent locations within shopping malls.

Features of the hub include client sign-up and learning zones, card printing, a seminar area for financial education and expert sessions, and a chill out zone with drinks and snacks.

Nic Preece, design director at allen international, said: “Jenius is a new bank, created by the BTPN organisation, to serve tech-savvy, young Indonesian individuals, predominantly through mobile devices and the web.

“Whilst BTPN is a well established and highly respected bank within the Indonesian market, Jenius is a completely new bank proposition and started with no customers. The branches, and the Jenius ‘Mobius Hubs’, are designed to be lean, dynamic client acquisition centres.”

Finding an audience

Who is interested in this new offering? The traditional outlook is that digital options are firmly aimed at younger consumers, but is that BTPN’s strategy?

“The target audience are young, affluent individuals, tech-savvy and comfortable with transaction though non-traditional channels. 18-35 year old Indonesians are well educated and many have world experience with foreign education and extensive travel. Disposable income levels are reasonably high and this audience is used to eating out with friends, going on shopping sprees or weekends away,” Preece explained.

“The new Jenius concept is designed around their lifestyle and allows them to split bills, pay by mobile wallet, save instantly, receive rewards, and manage their finances in real time. The interface is very youthful and easy to use.”

Plans are certainly not small in scale for the Jenius Mobius Hub as there is a lot of potential in the Indonesia market.