How insurers can improve their online approval ratings

With social media, it’s less a question if insurance providers should engage with conversations about them, and more about how to respond.

Connectivity and social media have fundamentally transformed the way people learn about brands, form opinions, and provide feedback.

Digitalization has empowered individuals to challenge brands in new ways, with the power of word-of-mouth made large so that the ‘truth’ is now set by the customer.

Take a second to consider how you, too, have become part of this change.

When you purchase an item on Amazon or decide to organize your holiday by looking on Trip Advisor, have your decisions not been molded by the ‘star ratings,’ personal reviews, and recommendations of strangers?

It is within this context that insurers need to get to grips with not only where their brand is being talked about, but how to respond in nuanced and personable ways to a) extinguish negative stories, b) ‘hug your haters,’ and c) win over undecideds.

While improving on this front, the insurance industry has a long way to go here.