Risk analytics gets digital for wealth managers

Wealth managers and private bankers can now access risk analytics on-the-go – and it's about time given the regulatory spotlight on them

The news that wealth management fintech firm, JHC Systems (JHC) has launched its digital risk analytics tool available through JHC Neon (Neon) is welcome because it will enable that wealth managers and private bankers  to access risk data on-the-go.

Delivered through JHC’s secure private cloud technology, the tool will be available 24/7 across all devices. 

The technology, which is system-agnostic, allows wealth managers to scrutinise all holdings and asset classes, in all portfolios across their firm, taking into account factors including mandates, weightings and benchmarks.

The visual and detailed overview allows managers to compare, identify and analyse the source of risk in order to understand when and what action is required. 

As Edward Lopez, chief revenue officer at JHC has commented: “The regulatory spotlight is intensifying and to avoid penalties and reputational damage, wealth managers must have a microscopic view of their portfolios anytime, anywhere.”

That is truer than ever these days as private banks and wealth managers prepare for the implementation of new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that is due to be implemented on 25 May 2018. 

Knowledge, as they say, is power and so it matters more than ever for private bankers to have risk data on the go.