60 Second Interview with Graham Wheeler

We spoke with Graham Wheeler to find out if he would be happy to be driven to work in a driverless car, find out here.

Q. Which single technology is going to revolutionise the Motor Finance industry most?
A. Car Payment Services

Q. Would you be happy to buy a car completely online, without having to visit a dealer?
A. No, having driven hundreds of different cars in my time, I would want to test drive before I buy

Q. Would you be happy to be driven to work in a driverless car tomorrow?
A. No – I love to drive, and when I don’t I take a taxi or a train

Q. What would you do whilst being driven?
A. Work and read

Q. Would you be happy to rent out your car when you are not driving it?
A. No- that would mean I would need to keep it pristine!

Q. In ten years’ time, what proportion of cars on the road will be shared?
A. 20% – but inclosed groups like families, friends or business colleagues

Q. Who is going to lead the market for consumer mobility?
A. Consumers

Join Graham at the DBC for Motor Finance Live Debate on the 16th May by registering your interest here.