Introducing Our New Mobile Banking App

We look at the innovations in the world of mobile banking apps and how the banks need to keep up.

The highs and lows of mobile banking apps

The ‘Introducing our new Mobile Banking App’ email found its way into my inbox on a Monday morning and it made for a great start to the week! In my June blog ‘Tempted to go for the switch’ I talked about my frustration that my bank didn’t have a proper banking app, only a ‘Fast Balance’ which offered just that – a fast balance. So imagine my excitement when I found out that now I can actually bank with my mobile phone! I went straight to the app store and started to download the app, but the security measures kicked in and I was diverted to go and register myself through online banking – fair enough, writes Barbara Seljak

Banks need to keep up with digital technology

There I had to create a password for the app itself, before going back to the app and through the authentication steps – best thing – no security key needed, I was in! This was no longer just a slimmed down ‘Fast Balance’ app, but I could now go beyond just the balance info! I was able to view up to 90 recent transactions and – what made it a ‘proper’ app – it allowed me to make bill payments to existing recipients and transfer funds which is all that I need for mobile banking!

Banking app features

One of the other new features is the ability to schedule a payment, but security measures only allow me to send money to payees that I’d already set up in my online banking. The app is easy to navigate and is available in 31 countries, but my bank promises that more will be added in the future.

Time to switch?

So no, I haven’t switched banks yet, mainly because I wanted to see if they would have a proper app available before Vickers’ reforms kicked off – they didn’t – but before I heard the news about the new app, I figured I would wait until new year before changing as I am a big mobile phone user and to be able to do banking on my mobile was high on my list!

My bank did not send me any information about their planned new mobile banking app, so I rather wonder whether they would only have tried to retain me when I wanted to switch. Well the trick worked, for now. But, as we all know, innovation happens every day and if my bank doesn’t keep up, I just might make use of the Vickers’ reforms.