Tempted to go for the switch

These days we want everything at our fingertips – fast and seamless – and when something crashes who has the patience?

Hoping for better banking apps

Entering 11 numbers in a blank field had never been more exciting, neither had waiting for the confirmation code to arrive via text message. Upon entering all the numbers as part of my authentication process, the app came crashing down. Disappointed but still willing to give it another try, I embarked on repeating the process determined to be able to see my account balance, writes Barbara Seljak

After repeating the process, it became obvious that my smartphone just wasn’t going to show me how good (or bad) my finance was for the month. Trying to be the first in my family with an innovative way to check my balance on the go was proving to be harder than I thought. It was just like any other set ups I’ve done involving security around personal finances, or so I thought.

Finding a fast and fully functional banking app

These days we want everything at our fingertips – fast and seamless – and when something crashes and takes days or months of trying, who has the patience? My immediate thought was to go for something that does work – a different bank that offers a proper app and one that works. Having a slimmed down Fast Balance version of an app, as opposed to fully functional app that our US counterparts have isn’t ideal. In fact, it made me think hard about making ‘the switch’ this Fall.

Is the Fast Balance App really that fast?

Several months passed since my failed attempts at using the app, and I got used to banking online. But one day, while I was out, I needed to find out my current balance ASAP so I gave Fast Balance app another try – and this time – after all the security and authentication mantra, I was finally able to log in!

It didn’t take long – but it also didn’t deliver very much apart from a few basic functions such as viewing my balance, seeing my mini-statement, and being able to update my account details. What I could not do was transfer money and pay bills – which are the two main features that I do need. Well, what did I expect? After all, it is called ‘Fast Balance’.

Should I stay or should I go?

How easy will it be to part my ways with my bank when the Vickers’ reforms are in place, I wonder? Will my bank offer me any benefits if I stay – or better yet, will they have a proper app available before reforms kick off? Do they have a strategy in place? So far, I haven’t received any communication about planned improvements. Having said that, they did improve the glitches in the slimmed down app so maybe as we get closer to the Fall date, they will rise to the occasion. For the time being, I’m going to have to wait, but maybe by the time Vickers’ reforms are in place my mind will be made up about the switch.