John Marsden

John Marsden

John is ID and Fraud Business Development Expert at Equifax.

Marsden is currently responsible for the commercial development of Equifax UK ID and Fraud Services. John is a graduate in Business Administration and his early career started with 9 years with Barclaycard Merchant Services in various roles from managing a base of merchant customers to delivering Purchasing card programmes. This exposure to the card payments business, has proved invaluable throughout his career by providing distinct insights into consumer processes, an understanding of a wide range of businesses and direct exposure to fraud. From this, Marsden moved to to Experian and honed a specialism in turning data into business intelligence. He then moved to head sales for 7Side, a boutique information business where he advised top 100 law firms as Anti-Money Laundering Regulation was applied. This use of technology and data to help firms to identify their clients led to a long involvement in Equifax, Marsden has focussed on ID and Fraud for 14 years. Today's role is more exciting than ever with higher demand for service from customers and increased threats of fraud, this ever changing environment requires dynamic responses.


Cards International
Credit Strategy
Electronic Payments International
Life Insurance International
Motor Finance International
Private Banker International
Retail Banker International

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