Kirsten Bay

Kirsten Bay

President & CEO, Cyber adAPT

Kirsten Bay is redefining what it means to be a fearless leader in the technology industry, let alone an accomplished, bilingual, female executive, transforming the cyber security space. As President & CEO of Cyber adAPT, she leverages more than 25 years of experience, leading her team with risk intelligence, information management, and policy expertise across a variety of sectors.


Throughout her career, Bay has been appointed to a congressional committee developing cyber policies, initiatives and recommendations for the intelligence community, developed recommendations in partnership with the Center for North American Studies (CNAS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) for The White House energy policy, collaborated on information studies for MIT-Harvard and several federal agencies, gone before a parliamentary subcommittee on recreating trust in the global economy, presented national security and critical infrastructure concepts at conferences such as Black Hat, Secured Americas, Enterprise Architecture Institute, SC World Congress, & The Eurim Information Management Committee, and has spoken on applied economics and its relationship to both cyber and national security around the world.


Bay is a self-proclaimed ‘serial student’. Her current membership in the Alliance of Chief Executives feeds that perpetual drive to learn and share insight with peers, an inspirational trait she models for her Cyber adAPT team.


In previous Executive roles for ISC8, Attensity Group, and iSIGHT Partners, Bay led the companies through corporate restructuring, risk & corporate intelligence product launches, and company turnarounds, respectively.


With a BA in English and German from the University of Oregon, let’s just say she will correct your grammar in multiple languages.


Cards International
Credit Strategy
Electronic Payments International
Life Insurance International
Motor Finance International
Private Banker International
Retail Banker International

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