04 Jul, 2017

Fitting the bill

Quantifying and solving the utilities collections challenge Read more

07 Mar, 2016

Keeping your money safe abroad

Sainsbury's Bank are offering a fantastic guide on how to keep your money safe when you are abroad. Read more

19 Nov, 2015

The History of the Pound

This guide explains how the oldest GBP currency was made at the beginning of its time and takes you through years, and right up to today. Read more

09 Jun, 2015

15 steps to safe online shopping

Shopping online can be fun and convenient but are you doing all you can to keep yourself and your family safe on the internet? Read more

12 Nov, 2014

Percentage of Card-Present transactions that are EMV

Figures released by technical body EMVCo show that nearly 30% of all card-present transactions conducted globally used EMV chip technology. Read more

29 Sep, 2014

Digitization Trends in Financial Services Industry

Download the Timetric research into the Digitization Trends in the Financial Services Industry. Read more

25 Jun, 2014

The European Digital Financial Services Power 50

Download the must read Power 50 of the most influential European digital bankers in 2014, as decided by a panel of expert judges Read more

16 Apr, 2014

Mobile Acceptance

Through a sequence of product launches in the last years, the payment industry has stepped further into the focus of general public. Especially mobile acceptance initiatives are mushrooming around the globe and getting media attention. Up to now, more than 40 mobile acceptance initiatives have been counted worldwide, about one third of them based in Europe. Read more

08 Apr, 2014

Technology in Banking – Reinforcing corporate DNA with Technology in Search for the Holy Grail

The possibility of disruptors like Google, Apple and PayPal branching out into banking continues to dominate panel discussions, research reports and opinion articles worldwide. But banks should not be afraid of these players. Banks are now in a phase where they are familiarizing themselves with new technologies. But more is needed. More is needed to face the problem of flat net interest income for the coming years. More is needed to increase fee and commission income. More is needed to conquer the holy grail of customer intimacy and customer trust banks are all fighting for. Bankers need to step beyond the phase of familiarization or playing around and experimenting with these technologies. Read more

06 Mar, 2014

Smart Banking - Tomorrow’s innovations, made possible today

Banking is changing. With enterprise technology evolving at breathtaking speed and consumer technology now ever-present in the workplace, fresh challenges and opportunities arrive for banks seemingly on a daily basis. Processes are becoming more flexible, the workplace is becoming more mobile and collaborative, and interactions with customers are becoming more engaging and dynamic. It's part of what we call Work Redesigned. Read more

06 Jan, 2014

Best Practices in Implementing Mobile Payments

The increased use of mobile devices to manage day-to-day activities and the rise in the use of social media has encouraged a number of organizations to build business and product strategies around mobile platforms. Banking institutions and non-banking startups are increasingly targeting consumers with new mobile payment solutions, allowing consumers to transfer funds and make payments at any time and in any location. Read more

13 Dec, 2013

2020 Foresight: Consumer Centric Payment Innovations

Over the last five years, the payment industry has been buzzing with innovative products and services across the world, the role of consumers has been one of the most important factors in driving payment innovation. Read more

20 Nov, 2013

China’s Cards and Payments Industry

The Chinese card payments channel grew substantially both in volume and value terms during the review period. In terms of number of cards in circulation, the channel grew at a robust pace from 2.0 billion cards in 2008 to 3.9 billion cards in 2012, at a CAGR of 18.42%. Read more

30 Oct, 2013

Mobile versus Mobility – The Digital Banking Club Live Debate

The future of mobile was the theme of the latest Digital Banking Club Live Debate, held at the prestigious Gibson Hall in the City of London. A panel of experts took to the stage to discuss how the changing mobile landscape is set to disrupt the world of mobile banking. Billy Bambrough reports Read more

04 Oct, 2013

Social media optimisation webinar report

The current account switching service goes live this month and British banks are laying on incentives in a bid to reel in customers. But it is community banks that are leading the rush for consumer cash – saying it will take more than marketing to encourage people to switch and stay. Kate Palmer reports Read more

19 Sep, 2013

SAS account switching survey results

New research by SAS through YouGov UK & Ireland indicates that almost five million current account holders are likely to switch provider in the next 12 months as a result of new legislation on account switching. Read more

05 Aug, 2013

Mobile Payments: Problem or Solution? Implications for financial inclusion

The introduction of mobile payment services is bringing significant changes to the ways in which consumers can make financial transactions. Although online and phone banking have been available for some time, new mobile payment services are distinctive, as their provision involves companies across the financial services and communications sectors, and may also include intermediary bodies. It is critical that these developments are explored from a consumer standpoint as they raise important questions about the implications for financial inclusion and the effectiveness of consumer protection and regulatory frameworks in this changing and potentially confusing landscape. This report focuses on the implications of these developments for consumers in vulnerable circumstances. Although almost anyone can be adversely affected when things go wrong in financial services, as in other sectors, the effects are likely to impact more heavily on people who are already in vulnerable situations. It is also vital that the potential benefits of mobile payment services are fully realised in order to minimise financial exclusion rather than add to it. Read more

09 Jul, 2013

Best Practices in Card Outsourcing

Cards make up one of the most outsourced business operations in the financial services sector. Indeed, a large numbers of banks and card issuers have either outsourced specific functions or their entire their card operations. The primary factors driving such practice have been largely similar to those recorded in the outsourcing sector in general, and include cost reduction, gaining a comparative advantage, access to cheap/skilled labor, a lack of in-house expertise and risk management advantages. Read more

19 Jun, 2013

Social Media in Retail Banking

Retail banks that are thriving in the current economic climate are using new technologies and channels to enhance the relationships they have with their customers. By tracking customer behaviour, banks are able to offer relevant and timely products in a cost -efficient way, meaning that the customer receives consistent and superior service across all touch points. Read more

03 Jan, 2013

The Future of UK Mobile Financial Services

Insights from leading industry experts at the forefront of mobile banking and mobile payments developments Read more


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