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This house believes that the FinTechs are more friend than foe in the world of financial services

23 Jun, 2016

The Digital Banking Club's regular Live Debate was held on Thursday, 23rd June.

This house believes that the FinTechs are more friend than foe in the world of financial services

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In an exciting change, this Live Debate followed a more traditional format. This means that each of our panellists was either for or against the motion proposed, with each side giving their arguments and the delegates voting for the side that they felt had put forward the most convincing argument.

Download the whitepaper by Simon Cadbury now.

The motion for the Live Debate was: 

'This house believes that the FinTechs are more friend than foe in the world of financial services'

Our Panel:

Joining our Chairman, Douglas Blakey, Group Editor of Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric and Chairman of The Digital Banking Club were:

For the motion:

  • George Depastas, Head of Product, Real-Time Analytics | Data Products & Platforms, Barclays

  • Sophie Guibaud, Vice President European Expansion, Fidor

  • Jon Hall, Managing Director, Masthaven Bank

Against the motion:

  • David Parker, CEO, Polymath Consulting 

  • Roy VellaDigital Expert and Consultant
  • Simon Cadbury, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Intelligent Environments


The agenda for the Live Debate was as follows:

08:30    Registration & Breakfast Buffet

09:00    Attendees to move to main room for debate

09:10    Debate starts

10:10    Q&A

11:00    Post Live Debate Networking

12:00    Close

Our Sponsor:


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Douglas Blakey

Douglas Blakey

Group Editor of Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric

George Depastas

George Depastas

Head of Product, Real-Time Analytics | Data Products & Platforms, Barclays

Sophie Guibaud

Sophie Guibaud

Vice President European Expansion, Fidor

Jon Hall

Jon Hall

Managing Director, Masthaven Bank

David Parker

David Parker

CEO, Polymath Consulting

Roy Vella

Roy Vella

Digital Expert and Consultant

Simon Cadbury

Simon Cadbury

Director of Strategy and Innovation, Intelligent Environments

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