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Just how much promise does the Internet Of Things offer the world of Financial Services?

05 Oct, 2016

The Digital Banking Club’s most recent Live Debate was held on Wednesday 5th October at the Law Society HQ, London

Just how much promise does the Internet Of Things offer the world of Financial Services?

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 At our October debate our panel discussed “Just how much promise does the Internet Of Things offer the world of Financial Services?”

Read about the Live Debate and download the opinion piece by Simon Cadbury now.

Discussion points included:

  • What benefits will the IoT bring to the financial services sector?
  • Specifically how can the IoT be utilised to add value to the customer experience?
  • Can today’s financial services infrastructures cope with all the data it will produce?
  • Can the regulators keep up?
  • How can banks deploy the Internet of things to collaborate with third parties such as loyalty companies and retailers to reward customers?
  • What are the potential security and privacy concerns? Will the IoT leave consumers in a constant state of surveillance anxiety?
  • Readiness and industry enthusiasm? How are financial services providers designing products and services that align with smart services and how should they approach investment?


The following joined our Chairman, Douglas Blakey, Group Editor of Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric and Chairman of The Digital Banking Club:

  • Shashidhar Bhat, Head EMEA Digital Banking, from Citibank
  • Ankit ChhajerDigital Lead - Customer Experience Design & Sales Innovation, RBS
  • Kate Frankish, Head of Payment Strategy, Tesco Bank
  • Teppo Paavola, Chief Development Officer, General Manager of New Digital Businesses, BBVA
  • Richard Rowntree, Head of Specialist Banking, Future Williams & Glyn
  • Simon Cadbury, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Intelligent Environments

POWER 50 2016

We also invited winners of our European Financial Services ‘Power 50’ 2016 to join us at the event. They were presented with their awards at after the panel session had concluded.

Douglas Blakey

Douglas Blakey

Group Editor of Consumer Finance Titles, Timetric and Chairman of The Digital Banking Club

Douglas is Group Editor, Consumer Finance at Timetric, chief of judges for the annual Retail Banker International Awards and lead market advisor for Timetric’s retail banking research division. This division produces and maintains more than 50 market leading research reports and has undertaken bespoke consultancy projects for banks, vendors and their advisors. Douglas practiced as a solicitor in Scotland before moving into business information and analysis. He maintains an editorial advisory board of leading bank executives and is a regular guest banking analyst with BBC, NBC, New Statesman and other leading media.

Shashidhar Bhat

Shashidhar Bhat

Head EMEA Digital Banking, Citibank

Shashi has worked extensively in the digital area for over a decade in India, Germany and UK across marketing, content and platform areas in retail banking and among other things has launched mobile apps, virtual cards, payment gateway products and next generation Internet Banking solutions. He has led significant digital transformation journeys and changes in operating model for the bank and has a passion for improving customer experience in banking.

Ankit Chhajer

Ankit Chhajer

Digital Lead - Customer Experience Design & Sales Innovation, RBS

Ankit is an award-winning Fintech specialist and technologist overseeing the delivery of strategic digital product innovation at RBS. He has been at the forefront of the bank’s drive to digital and has led various industry leading digital experiences like DigiDocs, Photo-Banking etc. His vision has helped successfully drive the development of its current digital acquisition roadmap. His team has collected multiple accolades and awards around the world in delivering great digital customer experiences, products and design.

Kate Frankish

Kate Frankish

Head of Payment Strategy, Tesco Bank

Kate has worked in various financial services roles for over 20 years and has been with Tesco Bank for the last five years. She successfully managed the product development of the Personal Current Account, from initial ideation stage through to delivery of the final customer proposition. In the PCA programme Kate also led the development of the business case and managed the commercial team to deliver all aspects of the target operating model. Kate now heads up the Payment Strategy & Authorisations team within Transactional Banking, leading the optimisation of existing purchase journeys and building a strategy and road map to take advantage of emerging opportunities and manage against emerging threats.

Teppo Paavola

Teppo Paavola

Chief Development Officer, General Manager of New Digital Businesses, BBVA

Reporting to the President & COO of BBVA, Teppo is responsible for investing and launching new digital businesses, including BBVA Ventures, as well as promoting collaboration with the ecosystem of startups and developers. Before joining BBVA, Teppo was head of development of global businesses and M&A at PayPal. Prior roles included senior positions at Nokia and GE. Teppo holds an M.Sc. from Helsinki School of Economics and an MBA from INSEAD.

Richard Rowntree

Richard Rowntree

Head of Specialist Banking, Future Williams & Glyn

Richard has over 25 years of retail banking experience in Leadership roles across 4 major UK banks with experience across Product, Distribution and Operations and in bringing new products and propositions to market and running P&L across large asset balance sheets. An expert in Mortgage Regulation and Advice Richard has built strong relationships with Regulators, Trade bodies and the fintech sector. For the past two years, he has been part of the senior executive team crafting the new Williams & Glyn, building the bank's 5 year mortgage strategy to support its banking license application as well as growing a profitable business.

Simon Cadbury

Simon Cadbury

Director of Strategy and Innovation, Intelligent Environments

Simon is a product marketer and strategist with 18 years’ experience working for a range of major international brands. Simon’s role is to work with Intelligent Environments’ investors to set and deliver the company’s mid and long term strategy, as well as overall responsibility for the product development and management of Interact; the company's core product offering. Simon joined in 2013 from Lloyds Banking Group where he was responsible for payment technology and also sat on the Credit Card divisions leadership team. Prior to this he worked on the launch of a number of firsts in new technology – the Blackberry (BT Cellnet), BT Openzone (BT Retail), 3G Live! (Vodafone Australia) and Sky HD (BSKYB).


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