McDonald’s said to launch mobile payment platform

US-based food restaurant chain McDonald's is reportedly planning to launch new mobile payment platform.

US-based food restaurant chain McDonald’s is reportedly planning to launch new mobile payment platform on 15 September 2014.

An internal memo sent to McDonald’s franchises noted that employees are required to be trained on the systems by 15 September and the hardware, which has already started arriving at some locations, must be installed and tested before that date, reports

The fast-food giant created the mobile ordering and payment app in an effort to increase sales at US restaurants, specifically among people under age 34, reports

The website reported that there will also be a coupon feature. Android and iPhone users can select McDonald’s locations and access special deals with the app, but the electronic coupon is only available for two minutes and can only be redeemed if it is shown to a cashier.

Earlier this year, Business Insider reported that McDonald’s was testing an upcoming mobile application that would allow customers to place orders from anywhere, then drop in at the restaurant to pick up the food, likely with a component that would allow them to pay using their phone.