MetaBank signs partnership agreement with hyperWALLET

Meta Payment Systems has signed an agreement to partner with hyperWALLET Systems.

Meta Payment Systems, the payment solutions division of MetaBank, has signed an agreement to partner with hyperWALLET Systems, a Canada-based provider of domestic and international mass payment solutions.

Under the agreement, Meta Payment Systems will become hyperWALLET’s second issuing bank in the US, issuing corporate payment cards and facilitating ACH payments for their business clients.

Lisa Shields, CEO of hyperWALLET, said: “We were looking for an issuing partner that was able to meet our needs and who understands the regulatory landscape in the US, and MetaBank was just that partner.”

Brad Hanson, president of MetaBank, said: “This partnership makes sense on so many levels. With our infrastructure in place and strong focus on compliance, we are able to provide a scalable solution to our partners. hyperWALLET and MetaBank are both dedicated to providing service that is timely and cost-effective for all parties.”