PayItSimple launches services in US

PayItSimple allowing instant personalized instalment payments using an existing credit card, has launched its services in the US.

PayItSimple, which allows merchants to offer their customers instant personalized instalment payments using their existing credit card, has officially launched its services in the US.

The PayItSimple product has been patent protected in the US since 2012.

PayItSimple automatically schedules and generates instalment transactions on the customer’s existing credit card, handles their authorization and ensures their collection.

Designed based on research conducted with more than 900 consumers and merchants in the US, PayItSimple supports an omnichannel shopping experience and is available for ecommerce, brick and mortar, mobile and all other payment platforms.

PayItSimple offers merchant benefits including increased conversion rates, higher average ticket size, lower barriers to purchase and greater overall customer satisfaction, without any additional merchant risk than a regular credit card transaction. 

Stacy Fassberg, PayItSimple’s vice president of marketing, said: “The benefits of interest-free credit card instalment payments are clearly demonstrated in the European and South American countries where this capability already exists.”

Currently, PayItSimple works on all US-issued Visa and MasterCard credit cards