Chip manufacturer makes autonomous car play

Computer chip maker Nvidia is planning on releasing two car computers specifically designed for autonomous cars in the future.

DrivePX, Nvidia’s auto-pilot development platform, will be based on the company’s latest chipset, the mobile Tegra X1. Drive PX will be powered by two X1s, feature inputs for up to 12 high resolution cameras and process up to 1.3 gigapixels per second.

As an example of what the system is capable of, Nvidia said car owners would be able to get out of the car at an entrance of a car park. The car would then proceed to find a space and park without human intervention. At a later time, the consumer would then be able to recall the car using a smartphone.

A second system in development, Drive CX, will offer advanced computing power in a car for such needs as advanced graphics, navigation, driver monitoring and so on. It will also enable Surround-Vision, a system being developed for an undistorted top-down 360-degree view of the car in real time.

Nvidia plan to launch the two systems in the second quarter of 2015.