NBO offers 3D security for debit card users

NBO, in partnership with MasterCard and Visa, has introduced 3D security for online shopping to enhance customer experience.

The bank will provide authentication via a One-Time-Password (OTP) to customers shopping online with a 3D secure merchant, reported the Muscat Daily.

The new security solution will cater to the growing e-commerce market in the region and will not require any upfront registration for card users while making online purchases, eliminating the hassle of remembering a username and password.

NBO (The National Bank of Oman) head of alternative channels Abdul Karim al Hinai said: “3D security provides our debit card customers a safer and more secure shopping experience as they will receive an OTP via SMS or via SMS and e-mail as protection against fraudulent online use.

“In addition, the new system does away with static usernames and passwords that have a lower security threshold.”