Gemalto deploys EMV cards in South Africa

Gemalto has deployed prepaid EMV banking cards to support South African mobile operator Vodacom's m-pesa mobile wallet service in SA.

The card, which is certified by major international payment schemes and accepted at any of the 240,000 EMV-compliant payment terminals and over 27,000 ATMs across the country, will expand the reach of Vodacom’s services.

Gemalto will support the design and production of the card for Vodacom in addition to its automatic packaging and point-of-sales delivery.

The new m-pesa card, available direct from 8,000 Vodacom agents, will be connected to m-pesa accounts allowing users to make cashless payments for goods and services.

Gemalto senior vice president for Africa Thierry Mesnard said: “This innovative deployment highlights just how quickly the worlds of banking, retail and mobile communications are changing.

“Positioned at the very heart of these converging trends and technologies, Gemalto is glad to offer its support to this endeavour aimed at offering greater convenience, security and social inclusion.”