Sustain:Green launches new biodegradable MasterCard

Sustain:Green has launched a new biodegradable MasterCard.

Sustain:Green, a provider of environment friendly credit cards, supported by MasterCard, has launched a new biodegradable MasterCard that rewards its users with carbon offsets helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustain:Green will reduce card users’ carbon footprints by two pounds for every dollar they spend and by an initial 5,000 pounds upon first use within 90 days.

Carbon offsets rewarded to users Sustain:Green card, issued by US’s Commerce Bank will fund Mata no Peito rainforest preservation projects in Brazil.

Sustain:Green co-founder and CEO Arthur Newman said: “After recycling, reusable grocery bags, and turning down the thermostat, the options most people have to reduce their carbon footprint usually fall into three categories, too difficult, too expensive, or not possible.

“Just by using our card for purchases they would make anyway, consumers can shrink their carbon footprint for free, everyday, while also helping to preserve rainforests critical to combating climate change.”