Qvivr launches new card to replace all payment cards in wallet

Qvivr has launched a new card named SWYP that can store up to 25 of your credit and debits cards along with gift and loyalty cards.

The device, expected to ship in the autumn, will consist of a smart phone app and a thin metal card with a small display screen, three buttons and a rechargeable battery claimed to last for up to two years.

SWYP will be equipped with algorithms and a dynamic magnetic stripe that can monitor behaviors, patterns and surroundings to predict the user’s next purchase decision.

The card cum digital wallet will load the card information into the SWYP app through swipes in a provided dongle that is attached to one’s phone and will encrypt the data preventing it from loading onto remote servers.

The initial preorder price of SWYP, which will eventually be upgraded with near field communication (NFC), is pitched at $49 for a few units with a selling price of $99 to be marketed later.

Qvivr founder and CEO Ashutosh Dhodapkar told FoxNews.com. “(The SWYP card) connects with a mobile phone with Bluetooth LE and interacts with POS terminals with legacy interfaces. It generates the magnetic strip that’s on every card you have and does it dynamically. It shows you which card you’re using, the last four digits and the strip syncs up with your card.”