Google brings Gmail payment service to UK

The search giant Google has launched its Wallet services to the UK users offering payments through Gmail accounts.

The Send Money in Gmail service will allow users in the UK with linked bank accounts to attach money with a transaction limit of £5,000 and a transfer limit per five day period of £10,000 to an email message by and send to anyone who use Google Wallet.

Google will permit transfers only between UK bank accounts without any fees for transaction direct from a Google Wallet balance or a debit card but will charge a flat 2.9% transaction fee for credit card transfers.

The feature, which is due for roll out over the coming weeks, will be available to all UK Gmail users above the age of 18 years.

Google Wallet product manager Travis Green wrote in a blog post: “You can also request money in Gmail by hovering over the attachment paperclip and clicking the £ icon to attach the request to a Gmail message.”