247exchange supports Bitcoin to credit cards exchange

US money exchange company 247exchange has extended its service to include digital currency Bitcoin

247exchange supports Bitcoin to credit cards exchange

247exchange, an InterMoney Exchange company based in the US, has added support of credit and debit cards as a withdrawal method to simplify shopping with Bitcoin.

The feature will be connected with Visa and MasterCard issuers and will support prepaid and charge cards besides providing the users with option to choose the currency.

The service, that permits selling bitcoin for fiat money, will allow paying bills with bitcoins besides enabling customers to pay for loans and transfer money to friends and relatives using Bitcoins.

Through the exchange option, Bitcoin users will be able to make online and offline purchases with their cards around the world and receive cash in ATMs in over 3 million locations across the globe.

InterMoney Exchange marketing director Andrey Vereshchagin said: “We already offered our customers a solid choice of how to pay for Bitcoins.

“And now we’re also expanding withdrawal options, because our mission is to create and provide the new standard of digital currency exchange service all over the world – fast, convenient, secure and available for everyone.”