Bitcoin-Wave to launch bitcoin debit card

Bitcoin-Wave has reportedly partnered with a French payment card provider to launch bitcoin debit cards operating on the Visa network.

Bitcoin-Wave to launch bitcoin debit card

The card, which is available for pre-order from 21 February 2015, will cost €30 including delivery cost and will allow users to spend up to €2,500 without the need of providing any identification document.

According to a Coin Telegraph report, Bitcoin-Wave will permit free transactions through the card in the Euro-zone while transactions outside of the Euro zone will be charged at a 2.5% rate.

Withdrawals at ATMs in the Euro zone will incur €2 and withdrawals at ATMs outside of the Euro zone will cost €2 + 2.5%.

Bitcoin-Wave CCO G Heni said: “Currently, the process is really long, as it often requires requesting a withdrawal, waiting for it to be confirmed, and delays between banks, especially during weekends, are never-ending. With the debit card, withdrawals are instant and users can use their card anywhere in the world.”