Codeweavers: dealers need to adjust for savvy online buyers

Dealer software provider Codeweavers has warned dealers that as customers become increasingly technologically savvy they will need to be increasingly confident in adding value to the sales process through customer satisfaction.

Codeweavers: dealers need to adjust for savvy online buyers

According to the company, it has seen a sustained shift towards online finance tools across its dealer option, as dealers embrace the internet.

At the same time, growing finance penetration suggests customers are happy to buy finance from the showroom. The company said sales staff should be able to add value through the quality of the information they provide.

Shaun Harris, sales director at Codeweavers said: “in the same way that many customers still value the physical experience of seeing and touching their chosen car and the people who are selling it, many will want to validate a financing decision that will have largely been formed online. 

“Dealer staff must be comfortable and competent in delivering high quality and customer appropriate guidance. Quality ‘clicks and bricks’ represents the best option for many customers and both must support one another.”