Currency Cloud opens office in New York

Currency Cloud, a London-based currency payments provider, has expanded its global footprint by opening an office in New York.

Currency Cloud opens office in New York

Currency Cloud allows companies to fully automate and manage international payments, including real-time foreign exchange conversion, through APIs.

Currency Cloud CEO Mike Laven said: “Businesses find making international payments slow and costly. While we live in a digital age, it’s surprising that it costs more to send money from the US to Europe via a bank than it does to send a letter. It’s antiquated.

“Businesses desperately need functionality to enable them to compete around the world. Automation of payments and access to corporate grade payment methods is becoming more and more important in an increasingly digitized global economy.”

Currency Cloud has already processed $10bn of international payments since its launch in 2012. The company already works with TransferWise, Mangopay, and XE, along with bank partners.