Coinzone to launch new web-based wallet in Europe

Coinzone has unveiled plans to launch a new web-based wallet in Europe that will allow users to send, receive, buy and sell bitcoin.

Coinzone to launch new web-based wallet in Europe

Scheduled to launch this summer, the new wallet will make it easier for European merchants and consumers to use and accept digital currencies and eliminate the complexities of transacting in Bitcoin.

Coinzone Wallet will allow users to manage and authorise their Bitcoin transactions while on the move.

The solution has been designed to support country-specific local currencies for bank deposits and withdrawals, transfers and instant payments and has been developed to manage privacy and legal frameworks in operation across the region.

The simple and secure wallet will include all the multi-layer verifications European consumers expect to encounter when undertaking secure online or mobile transactions.

Coinzone CEO and co-founder Manuel Heilmann said: “We’ve developed Coinzone Wallet in response to an overwhelming demand from users seeking a wallet that stores their sensitive information locally in Europe.”

“From peer-to-peer payments to spending bitcoins with businesses, we’ve designed a hassle-free wallet solution that allows users to transact with confidence, utilising the local language, currency and payment instruments that are relevant to where they live.”

“The Coinzone Wallet is an important milestone for Coinzone towards a full-stack Bitcoin solution. It is set to literally get Bitcoin into the hands of consumers so they can transact as and when they wish – and we’ve been inundated by requests from people who have requested to join the wait list for the service in the run up to launch,” he added.

Coinzone adheres to EU payment services guidelines and also complies with EU privacy, secure payment and data protection laws.