LGT deploys Secure Islands’ IQProtector to protect sensitive data and customer privacy

LGT is conducting a global rollout of its flagship solution, IQProtector

LGT, a family-owned private banking and asset management group, is conducting a global rollout of its flagship solution, IQProtector.

With over EUR120bn under management across 20 locations worldwide, LGT wanted to protect sensitive data against leakage and loss and ensure customer privacy.

After evaluating numerous solutions, LGT deployed Secure Islands due to its unique approach, called Data Immunization, which embeds classification and protection to the data upon its creation – and persists for the lifecycle of the data.

LGT project manager Marc Liebigt said: “Secure Islands is a great partner and an innovative company that is leading a new approach to information protection. Its policy driven approach marries the best elements of Data Loss Prevention and Information Rights Management into a single platform. After seeing IQProtector in action, we believe Data Immunization – protecting data at its source, upon creation, will be the standard for data centric security. Thanks to Secure Islands, our customers’ sensitive data will remain secure, and private.”

LGT initially sought to implement a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, but after evaluating multiple solutions it chose IQProtector because its approach not only delivered superior information protection functionality, it enabled LGT to leverage IRM to deliver accurate, auditable classification and protection.

In addition, the solution allows for complete segregation of duties, protecting information from privileged users such as IT administrators without inhibiting their ability to do important daily tasks.

Furthermore, IQProtector enables LGT to automate classification based on a central policy, minimizing user involvement.

This allows LGT employees and managers to continue to work uninterrupted, using the same software, applications and processes with which they are familiar, without having to worry about information security.

Secure Islands CEO Aki Eldar commented: “Having worked closely with LGT, I completely understand why it is a leader in the banking industry – it addresses important business issues – such as data protection – in an extremely proactive, thorough, and strategic way. We are proud to have them as a customer, and look forward to continuing to meet their high standards for information protection.”