CCEDK to launch Bitcoin-denominated MasterCard

Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark (CCEDK) is set to launch a new payment card, called Bitcoin Debit NanoCard MasterCard, in June 2015.

CCEDK to launch Bitcoin-denominated MasterCard

The new card will allow crypto holders to spend bitcoin balances without exchange risk by linking to an exchange account.

CCEDK’s partner at Bit-x has already launched the bitcoin-denominated MasterCard, which will be available in dollars and euros and funded instantly by the crypto balance of each customer.

CCEDK CEO Ronny Boesing said: “After some hard negotiations, we have made agreement with Bit-x for a partnership with no limitations, and as a result we are really proud after only one year in the industry to have the opportunity to offer an impressive project like this, the crypto currency community`s perhaps first true crypto debit card 2.0 issued by MasterCard and banking partners.”

With this card, customers can pay for goods and services across the world, for shopping online or to withdraw money from an ATM. Also, customers can spend BTC directly from their CCEDK wallet.

The NanoCard will offer benefits such as instant funding, low commission on all card transactions and low service fees, absolutely legal, no verification, ability to set priorities and limits for each country as well as any user balance types.

The card does not need to be funded manually, so there is no risk of exchange rates changing between transfer and receipt.

A CCEDK spokesperson said: “At first, the Bitcoin Debit NanoCard MasterCard will only support bitcoin, but CCEDK plans to implement further cryptocurrencies as there is demand – including NuBits, BitUSD, NXT and LTC. In the meantime, other coins can of course be exchanged for bitcoin on the exchange, to be used to fund the NanoCard.”