UnionPay & PayPal set up PayPal Merchant Zone

UnionPay International, in collaboration with PayPal, has established a PayPal Merchant Zone on its Shop The World platform.

UnionPay & PayPal set up PayPal Merchant Zone

The new service will allow UnionPay cardholders to pay for purchases with UnionPay cards at more than 100 selected overseas online merchants, which are included in the Shop The World platform.

UnionPay cards will now be accepted by all online merchants that accept PayPal, while cardholders will have direct access to merchants’ website via haigou.unionpay.com.

In addition to providing convenient payment services for cardholders, the alliance will also deliver commodity recommendation, language translation, shopping guide, cash back, transit and other privileges offered on haigou.unionpay.com.

In order to avail the service, customers need to log in to their PayPal account, click Add Bankcard on the user information page, input and confirm UnionPay card number to complete the connection of UnionPay card to PayPal account after SMS verification.

UnionPay products director Shuan Ghaidan said: “In the future, we will work with PayPal to select more overseas merchants favored by cardholders so as to better meet UnionPay cardholders’ cross-border online shopping demands and bring them more convenient and secure online payment experience.”

PayPal North Asia vice president Matthew Lee said: “Together with UnionPay International, we are able to connect Chinese haitao consumers directly to our global network of merchants and their products at attractive prices.”