BBVA launches remote control wallet app

BBVA has added new functions to its mobile payment system by launching a new app that acts as a remote control for cards.

BBVA launches remote control wallet app

The app enables users to control the spending on each card, limit its use to ecommerce or take money out of an ATM, as well as temporarily block it if it is lost or reactivate it when the user finds it.

With this new version of BBVA Wallet, customers can turn the cards on or off based on their specific needs at any given time.It also provides users total control over their transactions, allowing them to set up alerts as well as allow them to manage their cards efficiently via smartphone.

Customers can also set up and limit the use of each card or even deactivate the card in the case of a trip abroad. The app provides customers with greater security and allows them to manage credit card transactions and make mobile payments via smartphone.

BBVA global payments systems head Mehmet Sezgin said: “The new version of BBVA Wallet turns our customers’ smartphones into a remote control to do whatever they want with each one of their cards.

“Personalizing cards up to now never meant more than choosing a photo to decorate them, but now BBVA’s customers have the ability to set up their own cards, cancel them and modify each one to meet their needs and circumstances,” added Sezgin.

BBVA Wallet has achieved more than 570,000 downloads in Spain. The new app has been launched in Chile this year, with plans for roll out in other regions, such as the US and Mexico, shortly.