VW Group to automate e-procurement process

Volkswagen Group has launched a pilot for an automated system of updating the Leaselink e-procurement platform it uses.

VW Group to automate e-procurement process

Under the new automated process, all new vehicle order details, including the registration number, VIN number and engine number, will be uploaded directly into the Leaselink platform from the Volkswagen Group’s new vehicle order bank.

The company said automating the system was important as around 70% of its total annual leasing company order take goes through the Leaselink system. In addition almost one third of all of the group’s dealers have signed up as Leaselink users.

The current system requires more than 700 dealers across the Volkswagen Group’s five brands – Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles – to manually input the status of all vehicle orders they receive from leasing companies. This can amount to up to 20,000 leasing company orders in one current order bank.

Volkswagen Group calculated that it takes one hour to manually upload every 100 vehicle status updates, meaning dealers have spent on average about 200 man hours per week inputting the data. The company hopes the new system will mean these hours are saved.

This process is currently undergoing pilot testing to ensure the system works efficiently and accurately. The next phase of the implementation will take place in August.

Leaselink is a product from Ebbon-Dacs.