Alphabet introduces electric vehicle consulting service

Fleet lessor Alphabet has introduced the electrification potential analysis (EPA) to its consulting service.

Alphabet introduces electric vehicle consulting service

Through this service, the lessor hopes to help clients lower their fleet’s costs and CO2 emissions.

The EPA itself is driven by client data. Removable loggers are temporarily fitted into fleet vehicles, where they record metrics such as speed, distance travelled, acceleration behaviour and parking. The information gathered reveals total fleet energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Alphabet uses the data to build a fleet-driving profile, which is used in their proposals for eMobility services.

The Italian arm of accounting firm Deloitte as well as construction and property services firm Interserve were among the first companies to use this service.

Last month, Alphabet’s head of marketing and business development Carsten Kwirandt talked to Leasing Life magazine about the recent trends in the European fleet leasing market.