Visa to open innovation center in Brazil

Digital payments giant Visa is planning to open an innovation centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the second half of 2015.

Visa to open innovation center in Brazil

The new Visa Innovation Centre, which will be the company’s first in Latin America, will be similar to the one the company opened in San Francisco a year ago.

The facility is expected to commence operations at the same time as the company’s new Sao Paulo offices are opened.

Visa vice president of product development in Brazil Percival Jatoba said that the center will include a briefing center, a showroom area and a co-development space.

“It is a new stage for Visa in Brazil, as we have focused increasingly on the development of digital platforms, such as token-based security and cloud payments, developed at our innovation center in San Francisco.”

On the company’s official blog, Jatoba revealed that the company is planning to launch such facilities in several markets worldwide.

“All of the centers will be interconnected, facilitating the access to mature projects developed across different markets,” Jatoba added.