Xoom expands money transfer service to Hong Kong

Xoom, a digital money transfer provider, has introduced its money transfer service to Hong Kong.

Xoom expands money transfer service to Hong Kong

The bank deposit service will allow immigrants from Hong Kong and other individuals with a US bank account, credit card, or debit card to send money online to conveniently send money online to bank accounts in Hong Kong.

Xoom will provide locked-in exchange rates on HKD deposits to Hong Kong and a secure way for Hong Kong immigrants to send money securely from their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

The service will charge a processing fee of $8.88 for sending up to $2,999 when paying with bank account.

Xoom president and CEO John Kunze said: “With our breakthrough technology, Hong Kong immigrants in the U.S. can safely, conveniently, and cost effectively send money to their friends and families back home. Money can be deposited into the recipient’s account within two business days. No waiting in line, no high fees.”