Citibank India partners with MasterCard to launch digital wallet

Citibank India and MasterCard have launched a digital wallet

Citibank India partners with MasterCard to launch digital wallet

The deal will allow 

Citibank debit and credit card customers to shop at over 250,000 e-commerce merchants located in India and worldwide.

The digital wallet, dubbed Citi MasterPass, will enable Citibank customers to store their card and shipping information in one place.

Customers can also choose the “Buy with MasterPass” payment option at checkout, which will phase out the requirement to fill in details repeatedly across online merchants.

This in turn, will lower risk of customers abandoning their shopping carts due to complicated payment processes or revealing their personal information over potentially unsafe networks.

MasterCard executive director, South Asia, Vikas Varma said: “As Indian consumers embrace a more digital lifestyle, Citi MasterPass will enable efficient, secure and quick checkout experiences for shoppers.

“We believe Citi MasterPass is a significant step forward in the evolution of electronic payments. Beyond a platform that hosts digital wallets, Citi MasterPass will also provide the technology for merchants to offer new and innovative services, and unique features for shoppers.”