eVestment launches retail investment solution for advisors

eVestment has launched its first retail investment solution, dubbed as SmartVison Analytics.

eVestment, a provider of data and analytics platforms to institutional investing community, has launched its first retail investment solution, dubbed as SmartVison Analytics.

The company said it launched this platform to provide whole picture to investment advisors, who miss about half of the story as they make decisions based on retail investment data alone.

The company also claims that the platform will help advisors counter the rise of robo-advisory services by offering new insights and data to their clients.

Larry Shumbres, vice president of business development for SmartVision at eVestment said: “The rise of robo-advising services and the debate about active vs. passive portfolio management makes this the perfect time for investment advisors to offer this new service. This insight allows advisors to stand out from the competition by offering a unique and powerful institutional perspective to their existing and potential clients’ portfolios.”

SmartVision will provide a real-time view into the investment options institutions are reviewing and considering.

eVestment co-founder and CEO Jim Minnick said: “Institutional investors and managers literally spend all day thinking about how to grow and protect assets. For retail investment advisors, having this view into what the institutional investment community is doing is a powerful way to differentiate their services and help their clients make smarter investment decisions.”

The company will initially offer the service to investment advisors in North America but is planning to expand globally in the near future.

The service is available at the enterprise level and through individual subscriptions.