FolioDynamix, INFOVISA to develop turnkey interface for bank and trust firms

FolioDynamix has partnered with INFOVISA to break down technology silos in bank and trust wealth management

FolioDynamix, a provider of wealth management technology and advisory services, has partnered with INFOVISA, a provider of data processing systems for bank trust departments and independent trust companies, to break down technology silos in bank and trust wealth management.

Under the deal, the two firms will develop a turnkey interface that will enable trust firms to seamlessly share information across their trust accounting system and portfolio management platform.

The alliance will help banks and trust firms to collapse barriers between their trust, brokerage and investment advisory functions and provide advisors with a holistic view of their clients’ data, FolioDynamix said.

Additionally, the interface will enable INFOVISA clients to directly access advisory services from FDx Advisors, the investment advisor affiliate of FolioDynamix.

INFOVISA CEO and president Mike Dinges said: “We are excited about the FolioDynamix partnership and look forward to making it easier for INFOVISA clients to access next-generation rebalancing, performance measurement and proposal generation technology, as well as advisory services, all integrated with the INFOVISA trust accounting system.”

FolioDynamix executive vice president of advisory solutions Bob Mehringer said: “Our partnership with INFOVISA has the power to be a game changer for banks looking to grow their wealth management business and better align their trust and retail channels.”