Gemalto collaborates with Samsung for launch of Samsung Pay in Europe

Digital security firm Gemalto has teamed up with Samsung to accelerate the deployment of Samsung Pay through its Allynis Trusted Service Hub

Gemalto collaborates with Samsung for launch of Samsung Pay in Europe

Gemalto’s Allynis TSH is a one-stop connection that provides payment issuers an accelerated path to launch mobile payment services, integrating user enrollment, service installation and lifecycle management of payment credentials or tokenization services.

Samsung Pay on the new Galaxy handsets benefits from a dedicated embedded secure element for storing sensitive credentials.

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment service that provides wider acceptance with NFC and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) working in most of merchant locations.

Samsung Electronics global head of B2B solutions Injong Rhee said: “We are excited to work with Gemalto as they offer Gemalto’s hub services worldwide that offer a secure payment card digitization solution to Samsung Pay.

“With Gemalto’s technologies, Samsung Pay will be able to deliver a simple, secure and everywhere mobile payment experience to more consumers.”

Gemalto executive VP of platforms and services Teck-Lee Tan said: “Our role is to support our payment issuer customers and Samsung to accelerate bringing Samsung Pay to consumers, by bringing the most robust technology and connection services to the game.

“We have built our solution to take the technical complexity out of the equation for payment issuers, and we are ready to address our customers’ pain points around user enrolment and eco-system fragmentation.”