UnionPay launches QuickPass service in Singapore

UnionPay International has announced the launch of UnionPay Quickpass service in Singapore at merchants for daily purchases.

UnionPay launches QuickPass service in Singapore

The service will initially be available at daily shopping stores, including fast food restaurants at airports, movie theaters, coffee shops, chain supermarkets and all Hock Hwa tonic chain stores in the country.

Consumers can now make quick payments by waving their UnionPay IC cards in front of contactless payment terminals in all merchants.

QuickPass will allow merchants to build the terminal acceptance basis in preparation for HCE and other mobile payments in the future. The service features higher security, and is not restricted to WiFi-networks or international roaming traffic.

The company is planning to expand the acceptance of UnionPay QuickPass to Singapore’s shopping centers, chain supermarkets and recreational sites.

Till date, more than 1.2 billion UnionPay chip cards have been issued worldwide of which over 700 million chip cards have the QuickPass function.