CellPoint launches new mobile wallet solution for airlines

CellPoint Mobile, a payment solutions company, has launched a passenger-centric, off-the-shelf mobile wallet solution for airlines.

CellPoint launches new mobile wallet solution for airlines

The new platform, Travel Bank mWallet, will allow airlines to boost revenues and income streams through an airline-branded, omni-channel universe offering numerous paths to purchase, reduced customer acquisition costs, and higher conversion on ticket sales and ancillary revenue opportunities for millions of passengers, claims the company. 

The platform, which has a centrally controlled environment, supports Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD), loyalty rewards, coupons and payment methods as tender, allows airlines to convert Denied Board Compensation (DBC) events and other types of compensation into revenue opportunities. 

The solution can integrate seamlessly with other electronic payment wallets, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and MasterPass. 

The company added that the ewallet will also serves as a mobile repository of passenger travel documents, including boarding passes, tickets, loyalty program currencies and rewards status as well as notifications and other travel and payment data. 

The platform can operate in both online and offline mode, ensuring continuous access to passenger records.

CellPoint Mobile CEO Kristian Gjerding said: “With this plug-and-play solution, airlines can deploy a fully branded digital universe across all channels in a matter of weeks, not months. 

“They can manage tender and non-tender records, enjoy higher conversion on both ticket sales and ancillary products/services, and boost revenues by leveraging additional cross-selling opportunities that emerge when passengers stay within an airline’s branded universe for purchases and payments.”