reveals most-sold and searched cars of 2015

Mercedes-Benz models were the bestselling cars in three out of seven vehicle segments on, the online retailer has revealed. reveals most-sold and searched cars of 2015

The Mercedes-Benz SLK was the most-sold convertible car and the C-Class was the most popular coupe and saloon car. found that the Ford-Focus was the most-sold estate car, while in the hatchback segment of the market the Ford-Fiesta was on the pole position.

In the people carrier category, the Vauxhall Zafira sold more than any other model. Land Rover Freelander had the best sales performance in the 4×4 category.

The most-searched cars for each category were all different to the most-sold models. MG, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Honda, Mayback, Mercedes-Benz and SEAT each had a model at the top of the most-searched list across the different segments of the market.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing and business intelligence at, said: “Clearly, we would expect to see the mainstream manufacturers represented across both sales and searches. However, it was interesting to see some of the difference in how people search for cars and what they ultimately buy. For example, while no one would be surprised to see Mercedes-Benz top the sale list for both convertibles and coupes, SLK and C Class respectively, the search results features the MG MGTF and the Bugatti Veyron – a lot further out of most peoples’ price range.

“This kind of data can be really useful for dealers when it comes to pulling together their stocking policies for the next 12 months. Understanding what consumers are searching for and what they ultimately spend their money on can help to inform which vehicles should be on the forecourts and, also, which models are likely to draw attention from which you can then move on to sell something else.”